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Collection Services



To assist you in collecting the buffings from your retreading operation we offer a complete line of services. If you know exactly what you require, we can often work from photos and telephone conversations. Other times an on-site visit may be necessary.


We can determine blowers, piping, filtration and connection specifications to move your by-products from your buffing equipment to our filtered collection trailers.


Autocad drawings can be created to ensure spatial relationships and that all factors are taken into account before the start of your project. Trouble shooting and technical support are available when needed.


Once your system is in installed we will place one of our EPA approved, filtered, van trailers to store your buffings.  Our trailers have a single, positive connection to your collection system to provide efficient, worry-free operation. Our buffing distribution system inside the trailer has no restrictions and is designed to automatically balance the buffings to eliminate nose heavy and tail heavy issues. The filtration system keeps dust particles from the air and area surrounding the trailer.


We can arrange shipping schedules based on your production and will replace your full trailer with another empty, filtered collection trailer in a timely manner. If you have your own trailers, you may arrange shipping to RDF.


• Buffings collection services with a fleet of 28-53ft EPA approved, filtered, van trailers.

• Particulate Emission Test Report supplied for permitting purposes.

• Supervision and assistance at your collection sites.

• Technical and Engineering services.

• Autocad drawings and instructions for installation of our Buffings Collection System.

• One year limited warranty on new collection equipment and parts.          


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