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RDF processes SBR rubber (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) that we receive from some of the top retreading chains in the industry.  The material is 99.9% free of all metal, stones, fabric and foreign material. Our shipments are of consistent quality which is confirmed by completing sieve and moisture analyses multiple times on each shipment. We use the finest equipment available to ensure our customers receive the highest quality rubber buffings achievable to fulfill their needs.


Our rubber buffings may be ordered in all sizes ranging from 5 mesh plus down to 30 mesh minus. We can package and ship in 2,000 pound Super Sacks, Gaylord Boxes or bulk trailer loads. Special sizes and/or packaging are available upon request.


Playfill® “For a Softer Landing” is our loose fill playground rubber product. Playfill® advantages include:


  Easy installation, may be applied over existing rock, wood chips or sand.

  Since Playfill® is not likely to freeze, it provides a cushion effect, even in winter.

  Does not deteriorate over time.

  Provides a more cushioned surface than rocks, wood chips or sand.


An independent study commissioned by RDF confirms that a 4 inch layer of Playfill® has been shown to protect children from a fall up to six feet. A recommended 6 inch layer of Playfill® offers fall protection up to 12 feet.





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