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Recycled Rubber


Recycled Rubber is rubber that has been derived from scrap materials such as used tires.


Recycled rubber gives us innovative ways to reduce waste. It creates safer playground and athletic surfaces, reducing the chance of injuries. It produces floors and mats with lower impact for workers on their feet all day. In agriculture it is used for vegetation protectors and windbreaks, livestock mats, bumpers and feeders. Recycled rubber can be used as landscaping mulch or in asphalt highways. It can be molded into products such as railroad crossings, curbing, flower pots, garden hoses, tree rings or benches.      


Tires, designed to be virtually indestructible under a variety of conditions, have historically been difficult to dispose of or recycle. In most cases old, worn tires were replaced and dumped illegally in nature, often in potentially sensitive habitats.  Others were discarded in landfills.


With today's modern rubber recycling techniques, tire recycling is an economically sound, environmentally friendly activity that can contribute to the reduction of a product’s overall carbon footprint by anywhere from 4% to 20% when compared to virgin materials. Of the millions of tires formerly dumped illegally and landfilled, more than 90% are being recycled and reused annually.


Recycling saves impressive amounts of energy which ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  Recycling four tires reduces carbon dioxide by about 323 pounds which is equivalent to 18 gallons of gasoline. When used in molded products recycled rubber can reduce the carbon footprint by a factor of 20 when compared to virgin plastic resins.


source: Recycled Rubber Council





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