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Collection Equipment

RDF has many products to help you effectively collect your buffings.  The Buffing Collecting System by RDF is typically purchased as a whole unit, but individual parts may be purchased to upgrade or expand an existing system.


We offer the following products:

   • Filter kit modification packages for 28ft to 53ft trailers

   • Complete line of RDF Industrial Blower Fans

   • Super Trap II In-Line Screening System

   • Floor Sweeps

   • Air Locks and Gear Motors

   • Spiral Piping, Elbows and Tees

   • Angle Rings

   • Reducers of All Sizes

   • Access Doors for Pipe Inspection and Clean Out

   • Flex Hose in Many Sizes

   • Transition Pieces Fabricated for Custom Fitting 

   • Blower Stands





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